Comment Test

Here’s a post with some comments.


  1. Test Author
    Author comment.
  2. Anon
    I'm not logged in.
  3. Matt
    Anonymous person pretending to be Matt.
  4. Lloyd Budd
    Another test
  5. tellyworthtest1
    I'm logged in but I don't have a blog.
  6. tellyworthtest2
    I'm a contributor to this blog.
  7. test test
    Ping test 2 Let’s try that again.  I guess I have to do this the hard way. ...
  8. Alex Shiels
    Here's a comment with a link.
  9. mdawaffe
    what am I testing
  10. Alex Shiels
    Not an author comment.
  11. pinging like a microwave « no kubrick allowed
    [...] [...]
  12. Joseph Scott
    Hi There!
  13. tellyworthtest
    Test Threaded Comment - nested one deep.
  14. tellyworthtest
    Test threaded comment - one level deep (take two).
  15. tellyworthtest1
    Testing threaded comments - two levels deep.
  16. Test Author
    Another author comment
  17. Test Author
    Testing an author reply comment
  18. tellyworthtest2
    Replying to an author reply comment.
  19. Test Contributor
    Contributor comment
  20. admin
    Administrator comment reply.